About Dr. Wieder

Welcome to the website of June Leslie Wieder.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and practiced there as a chiropractor and bodyworker for several years before moving to the Southern California desert. Music always has moved me, and I have been playing the piano for over 45 years. I currently am learning to play the cello. I enjoy swimming (especially with dolphins),yoga, skipping, blowing bubbles, sky watching, storm chasing, and being in tune with nature.

As a child I knew intuitively how important a touch, a hug can be, and enjoyed massaging others. When I was 10 my cousin told me that I had the ability to hear the spine sing – an ability that has never left. I knew that some day I would somehow integrate music (sound) with touch.

When I became a teenager I was taken to a chiropractor because one of my hips was much higher than the other. The chiropractor's diagnosis was scoliosis of the lower spine, which can be present at birth or acquired during adolescence. Scoliosis is a unnatural lateral curvature of the spine, and I suspect that mine developed because I started bowling at the age of 8, and spent many hours lifting and launching a 16-pound ball. The asymmetric load on my thin body altered the shape of my spine and caused an increase in muscle tension.

I was fascinated by how chiropractic adjustments could stimulate the the body's own natural ability to heal itself.

After several years of working in the mental health field (Coney Island Hospital Psychiatric Ward), I decided in 1985 attend the Swedish Institute of Massage in New York city. Shortly after graduation, I went to California to study the Trager Approach directly from the master himself, Dr. Milton Trager. I was deeply moved with how he used gentle, rhythmic movements, and how his loving approach towards the body reduced tension in the mind. My fascination with mind-body connection at the heart of chiropractic prompted me to enroll in Life Chiropractic College West. I graduated with honors in 1994.

In my private practice of over 30 years I integrate chiropractic, sound healing, massage, and various forms of bodywork with emphasis on the Trager Approach. I am the author of the book, Song of the Spine, and developed an electronic tuning fork called the BoneToner for toning bones and tuning the nervous system. Another version of the electronic tuning fork is called the Harmonic Resonator.

As my inspiration keeps growing it would be a great blessing and joy to share my knowledge and the profound healing that chiropractic/bodywork/sound therapy offers.

I look forward to connecting and joining you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.