When I first came to see Dr. June this year, I had already been seeing another
chiropractor for over three years. After just a few adjustments I had
more energy, less stress and slept better than I have had in a very long time.
She is a miracle worker-----
J. S.


I have had back pain for many years. The doctors told me that I had
degenerative disc disease. I have not been able to do simple
daily activities. After one visit to Dr. June, I feel as though I've never
had a back problem.

After being in pain for 35 years I can honestly say I'm pain free!!
Six months ago I started having severe pain in my left knee and the
doctors said it was arthritis. Now after two treatments there is no pain at all.
Wish I had come in years ago.

Vertigo and Neck Pain

In my opinion, Dr. June Wieder, has a gift from almighty God.
On me, her hands just seem to know exactly where the pain is located.
I came to her with dizziness, neck pain, mid back pain and lower back pain.
Within three treatments, I was able to move my neck freely, the dizziness
was almost gone and I felt so very much better. I could even go back to gardening without my lower back feeling as if it might go out on me. Z.H.

Cane-less and Pain-less

For the last ten years I was dealing with awful back, neck, shoulder. and knee pains. I needed a cane to
get around. I could hardly get up and out of my chair so I finally called Dr. June.
After only a few adjustments I am a new woman! I have no problems with my knees, and my back pain
has finally gone. My neck I can move from one side to another without any grinding. Now I am cane
-less and painless.

Headaches, Neck and Back Pain

I started seeing Dr. Wieder at the suggestion of a friend and was a little
skeptical at first because I've suffered with my back, neck, headaches and other joint and muscle pain
for many years and nothing ever helped including
pain pills, therapy. After the first few weeks I started to feel a change in the pain, and it was easier to
walk, stand, sit and even sleep. I came to Dr. June in tears and left smiling.

Herniated Disc Lower Back Pain

Several months ago I had to go to a neurosurgeon for pinch nerves and he said I needed surgery right away. I was in so much pain! Could not turn over at night, could not walk. I was in so much pain that I cried. But instead of surgery I came to Dr. June.
It has taken a few months of working with Dr. June but today I am sleeping all night and walking in stores without pain. She has helped my husband and I so many times! Thank God for Dr. June! No surgery, no pain.

I remember when I was about 7 or 8 years old, I was at school and dropped something on the floor bend down to pick it up and hit my tail bone on the corner of a desk. It hurt so bad my parents took me to our family Doctor, only to be told it would hurt for a long time as I had bruised my tail bone. I was to stay in bed for a few days. But from time to time I would have pain in my lower back.

On march 30, 1970 I gave birth to my youngest son. He was a big baby...my tail bone split as he was too big to pass through the birth canal. Then on Nov 4, 1994, I was in an auto accident. I was hit from behind. This is when the real back problems started. I thought I had pain before, this was nothing compared to what I was experiencing. Some days were worse then others. Sometimes I would not be able to get out of bed or get up from a chair without assistance.

In August 2006 I had neck and upper back surgery. (Never again will I go through that!) My neck is OK and I hope it stays that way. But my lower back was still hurting. I was told I needed more surgery, or I would have to live with the pain. As time went the pain would get a lot worse, to the point I would beg for surgery. I chose to live with the pain.

I moved to Ridgecrest, CA in Jan 2009. Shortly after my very good friend needed to see Dr. June for her neck and arm pain. I thought why not try it out. I really did not think this would work. I went with my friend to see Dr. June and she did her thing. I got off her table and could not believe what I was feeling....NO PAIN! I felt better than I had in 61 years as I am now 69 years old.

I told Dr. June at my first appointment, if she could help me she would have a friend for life and I would love her for ever.

Guess what?
Thank you Dr. June
You're a friend for Life
and with love
G. G.